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In the years 1582/83 Baumann's house was built. The well-known half-timbered house is regarded as the most beautiful of its kind between the Rhine and Neckar.

The Baumann house is located in the middle of the Eppingen old town. A multitude of craftsmanship, which shows the facets of the last 500 years, provides the right flair in the old town of Eppingen.

The city of Eppingen has a lot to offer, whether it be a city and half - timbered museum, an impressive half - timbered scenery or the many excursion possibilities -
In Eppingen and the surrounding area.


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For a perfect route to tourist destinations, the central train station provides easy access to the cities of Heilbronn (visiting the Wartberg), Karlsruhe (visit the Karlsruhe Zoo) or Sinsheim (visit the famous Auto + Technik Museum).

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